1. KD7 9.10.14


  2. Sky Digg….U Digg!!!


  3. by @kanyurelate “I swear this just hit a nerve with me… I was just talking to my homie yesterday about people doubting you on the low…
    “Yo I hear you got a little business going on.”
    Yes bitch and the next time you ask about it be sure not to ask for a discount.
    As long as you believe in yourself, your mission and your vision, who cares who supports you and who doesn’t.” via @PhotoRepost_app



  5. Performing “U Already” w/Ray Vic & Freestyle.


  6. Me & @RayVic at G10 last night performing #UAlready #VictoryMuzic #PMG #StaffC #NuWave


  7. @rayvic Going Off!


  8. #FYI 2.0 I got a few shows coming up over the next few weeks so here’s the list. If you have any questions or are interested in booking, production, features or cd artwork email japiromusic@gmail.com
    #PMG #VictoryMuzic #StaffC


  9. #NeverForget 😍


  10. Stan Smithin’| I Flip onto some other sh*t. Ya’ll can keep following every trend and hype-beasting.